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About Ugochi

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan is a minister of the Gospel with passion to see people turn their lives completely to God.
She preaches and teaches to bring hope and healing to the lost, empty, lonely, guilty, hurting, confused and downcast. Her message is simple and unambiguous so that anyone can understand.

Ugochi, pronounced (oo-gə-ʧi ) was born in Orlu, a small southern village in Imo State of Nigeria on July 20, 1976. She is the youngest of six, born to Civil Servant parents. She grew up going to Church, yet a reckless sinner until 1998 when she surrendered her messed up self to God, God changed her life and she has not looked back since then.

She is a graduate of Banking and Finance, but never practiced because she joined her husband to fulfil her call in full time ministry almost immediately after. Ugochi began writing in her middle school years, she contributed to a local newspaper and had written an unpublished fiction before she left high school.

Her blog which was called (TESHUVA) before the Name Change, ministers to many as she shares on a variety of practical subjects from everyday life and encourages all to live life in the truth, peace and joy that come from God and knowing and following Him. Having “been there and done that,” she has thrown herself into God’s service striving to help others not to make the same poor choices she has made in life. Sharing some stories from her past and life changing moments, she challenges everyone to live above the pulls of the world and live by the dictates of God’s word and it’s transforming power which sets one up to live a meaningful and impact full life.

Her book; To Kiss Or Not To Kiss provides practical solutions to the challenges of the single phase of life. It provides workable ways of handling or dealing with various subjects, as it tackles the burning issues in the hearts of single people today.

She and her husband served in Salem International Christian Centre, her husband for 23 years while she served for 13 years under their spiritual parents Drs. Sam and Love Amaga, until they stepped out into a ministry God is leading them to.

Ugochi and her husband Benson got married on September 2, 2000, and are blessed with three boys; Joshua, Joseph and Josiah. They currently live in Windsor, in the Ontario Province of Canada.