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About Ugochi

Ugochi is a mentor, coach, encourager and speaker, who has helped many find inspirations to live better, full, and impactful lives.

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan is a teacher, coach, mentor, writer, and speaker with a focus on motivating and empowering people to rise above life’s challenges and experience the full life they have been created for. She was ordained a minister in 2003.


Ugochi’s passion is encouraging people to live a purpose full life and make a difference in their world. Whether young or old, male or female, single or married, she believes there is something God has bequeathed you as a gift to share with your world and make it better.


She has served people of all ages and assisted them to overcome challenges and obtain solutions to many life issues. She is an active listener and encourager who does not stop or relent until a problem is solved.


If you feel stumped in life, Ugochi will help you find that you can move forward, no matter the depth you are in. She will work with you to assist you eliminate obstacles by shifting your perspective and help you discover the strength and courage you need to overcome.

She will propel you to stretch beyond your limitations and live the full, satisfying, and impact-full life God made you for.


She has spoken at several events and counselled many. She is a mentor who makes herself vulnerable, so she can communicate at a deeper level with her mentees to let them know mistakes are not final.


An experienced teacher in Christian living and relationships, she has authored a book “To Kiss Or Not To Kiss” to help singles navigate single life and relationships and also aide in their preparation for marriage. Her initiative; “Bridge For Singles” is a platform she created to reach out to singles of all ages and help provide them with the support they need.


Ugochi is married to Benson, with whom she serves as co-pastor at The Love Pavilion. They live in Canada with their sons Joshua, Joseph, and Josiah.


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