It Is Great To Be Back!

It Is Great To Be Back!

I am back! Yay! It is great to be back after a planned blog update that lasted way longer than planned. I sure missed writing here and hearing from you all, I hope the feeling is mutual. I had to do this before the tear end comes upon me.
First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Remember to Celebrate JESUS CHRIST Who is the reason who is The Why we celebrate this season.

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Well, as you can see, I changed the blog name from Teshuva to… well… my name. Even though the name has changed, the goal however remains to inspire you for a better life in God! 
I will continue on the features of this blog; faith, hope, marriage, singles’ tidbits, and all the others.
There will also be occasional updates on family and ministry. Some new initiatives also would be highlighted here. I do not plan to bore you with every detail of my life, just some escapades with God, all to inspire you as well.

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss.
My first book was published and released in May. Click To TweetTo Kiss Or Not To Kiss bookI am so sorry I couldn’t put it up on the blog before now. Read more about my book here.

Big Number!
I turned 40 in July, it was a quiet celebration, nothing major. Besides a heartfelt thanksgiving to Almighty God for forty years of His love, grace, increase, abundance, and protection, I celebrated with family, some church family members from Abuja and then a pleasant surprise from some lovely brothers and sisters from my Church family in Lagos (I was blown away, they flew in to Abuja to take me and my men out for dinner… so much love).
My Mother;  Dr. Love Sam-Amaga released blessings on me as she led me to cut a cake she had organized. Sorry I couldn’t share pictures, they are not too clear… phone photos.

I hope you like the new look of the blog and I hope you enjoyed reading these tidbits, I will come by your way again soon.

Have a super blessed CHRISTMAS and please do not forget to make it ALL ABOUT JESUS!

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  1. Welcome back!!!!!!

    1. Many thanks Ma!

  2. Welcome back! Congratulations in your first book. Have a meaningful Christmas & fruitful new year celebration.

    1. Many thanks Jenom!

  3. So happy to have you back, sweet friend! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a belated Happy 40th Birthday to you, too!!!

    1. Many thanks Cheryl!

  4. Soooo good to have you back here ma!
    Awesome news all round. glory to God!
    Welcome, welcome! Love the blog look

    1. Many thanks France!

  5. Welcome back!

    1. Many thanks LuAnn!

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