Righteousness Delivers. (VLOG)

Righteousness Delivers. (VLOG)

When you stay by the ocean of healthy waters, dryness does not affect you. The world is in recession according to experts, but The One who created the experts, The Expert of all experts says we can live in abundance even in these times.

Prospering in famine is a result of staying hooked with The Source of abundance. Click To Tweet

The only way to stay GLUED to God, Our Jehovah Jireh, is to live in righteousness.

Here is a short video I made about this.

Do you believe you can prosper in famine?
Are you living the life that can make that happen?

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  1. Thank you ma. This blessed me.

  2. Awesome hearing your voice friend….I sent you emails. Please check your spam folder. They are kinda important gal.

    Hope you are well.
    Hugs and blessings to you

  3. Beautiful message, sweet friend. So very edifying and encouraging to me today. Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit and for your faithfulness to share what He places upon your heart. Sending you love and hugs!

  4. wow. What a nice piece. I have to read it over and over again to assimilate it without missing a thing. The current situation is affecting everyone but not those who knows who they are.

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