Would You Climb That Tree? (Vlog)

Would You Climb That Tree? (Vlog)


Hi friends! Wow It is already weekend, and I have had quite a busy week. I trust your week was great!

Have you ever climbed a tree? I have not and I really do not plan to any time soon. But what if climbing a tree becomes a necessity, what if it becomes necessary to save a life, to save my life? I do not think I would hesitate, I might not even remember that I do not know how to climb, my first reaction would be to start running towards the tree…

Knowing God is a necessity if we must become all that He has called us to be. Click To Tweet

If we must truly be like Him, knowing Him cannot be put aside. We must take desperate measures in order to see God, we must put some things asides, even some good things. God is life, and in order to LIVE LIFE we must desperately seek to see Him, to know Him at all cost…

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I want to share a short video I made last year talking about this. Please pardon the vertical position, it was really my first and I didn’t position the camera right. I trust it will bless you though!

I hope you were blessed and ready to climb YOUR tree.

Have a super blessed weekend!

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