Use Your Words To Your Advantage. (Vlog)

Use Your Words To Your Advantage. (Vlog)

A little while after I had my last baby, I started to bleed profusely. It was later discovered that I had a tear in my pelvic area.

While the doctor was on his way to see me, I started to lose strength. I began hearing the voices in the room very faintly as if they were afar, and to me, the whole room was in pitch darkness. When the doctor arrived, and he and his medical team started praying and speaking over my life as they moved me back to the delivery room. I must admit that even in that state of near unconsciousness, fear started creeping in.

But from deep within me, faith arose.

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I spoke those words over and over in my spirit until I found myself muttering from my lips and it wasn’t long I became fully aware of myself and my surroundings.

We live in very trying times. The temptation to give in to the negatives going on and begin speaking negatively gets higher by the moment.

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Since we can have either death or life by our words Proverbs 18:21, we must use our words to our advantage.

Below is a very short video I made on this subject matter.

Are are you using your words to your advantage?

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  1. This is a solid message worth remembering. I am learning how to use my words better.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful bits of information.

  2. Nice one sis

    1. Praise God!

  3. Our word of mouth is a powerful tool that only a few have discovered. nice post

    1. Yes indeed. Many thanks, do have a super blessed weekend!

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