What Does The Cross Mean?
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What Does The Cross Mean?

What Does The Cross Mean?

It is Good Friday today and many might would think that it should have been called Black Friday instead. Why would anyone think it a Good Friday, the day the only begotten son of God was shamefully and brutally killed?

The day his disciples were shaken to their bones and scampered away for fear, and their hopes shattered. When His mother looked on as her heart broke into million pieces at the death of her son.

The day He was nailed to the cross, pierced on His side and left to die. What was “good” about that day? Click To Tweet

The cross symbolises so many things to believers. The cross is the reason there is the church today. The message of the cross is the reason we can call God Father. It is the reason we can await His glorious return and look forward to spending eternity with Him.

I will share from scriptures some of what the cross means for us and to us:

1. The Cross Is The Power Of God.
On the cross hell and sin were conquered. On The cross, God in Christ Jesus displayed His power over death. Death, our last enemy was conquered on the cross, and we can now live forever.

2. By The Cross, The World Is Crucified Unto Us.
We can live free of the world, free from its enticements and entanglements. We can focus on God and His kingdom, counting all other things utterly worthless compared to Him. We can live free from sin and its bondage. We can live under His influence and be daily led by Him unto eternity.

3. Jesus Reconciled Us To God By His Death On The Cross.
We are now allowed to draw near to God. The veil that separated us from our Creator and God has been torn and we have gained access to The Father. We can go to Him at will, fellowshipping and communing with Him without a middle man. 

The cross broke the walls between us and God. We are no longer barred! Click To Tweet

4. On The Cross, Jesus Cancelled The Charges Against Us.
We were guilty of sin. We were condemned to death. We were doomed to eternal damnation. But on the cross Jesus cancelled completely by His blood, all the legal judgements against us. We were acquitted and can now live free of guilt and shame knowing that Jesus, our advocate has won our freedom.

It is on the cross that Christ purchased for us all the glory, all the hope, all the joy, all the peace, all the freedom, all the health, all the wealth and all the life we could never exhaust. Hallelujah! 

That is why we consider that Friday, a Good Friday!

Let me share Chris Tomlin’s song on the cross with you. Just for your worship pleasure.

What does the cross mean to you?
Have you embraced the message of the cross?

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Ugochi Oritsejolomisan

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan is a mentor, encourager and influencer. She writes to inspire you to live a full life. Ugochi lives in Canada with her husband Benson and their children; Joshua, Joseph and Josiah.

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