Farting Before Your Spouse.

Farting Before Your Spouse.

fartI apologize for being away for a bit and I am hoping you missed Teshuva for this while. I went away for the most awesome Conference our Ministry has had in recent times and I couldn’t get real time to post anything.

That said, I have a very interestingly hilarious story to tell about a discussion I and my husband had with some young ladies over lunch recently. It was about farting. Yes… you read right,  farting… lol.

Fart: [fahrt] noun
A flatus expelled through the anus.

Flatus: [fley-tuh s] noun
Intestinal gas produced by bacterial action on waste matter in the intestines and composed primarily of hydrogen sulphide and varying amounts of methane.

The Question.
One of the ladies asked if it was okay to fart in the presence and to the hearing of her husband. She also took it a bit further if it was okay to poop while your spouse was around and let him or her hear the sound of the pooping. She always makes sure she turned the tap on to drown the sound of her plunging poop, she said.

I guess you might be smiling or laughing by now… I laughed a lot during this conversation because of the sincerity and innocence on my sister’s face when she asked. Also, the look of agreement and innocence on the other ladies’ faces also evoked laughter from my husband and I.

They other ladies concurred; “I would not want him to hear my fart, I would rather do a silent one.”

“The silent one smells even more…”

“What if it comes unexpectedly and loud?”

“It would be so embarrassing.”

Our Thoughts.
We, my husband and I explained to them, that farting and pooping before their spouses should not be a big deal. They should feel no embarrassment whatsoever “being themselves” before their spouses. I told them jokingly that they could even play farting games with their spouses; it is all part of the package. I know the smell of fart may be terrible at times… but the room can be aired and sprayed with air fresheners.

I am not advocating indiscriminate farting in the home; I am only saying it should be no big deal and should cause no embarrassment whatsoever for couples. It is part of the excretory process, never heard of the smell killing a fly, and if it happens upon you or your spouse, a loving “excuse me please” should suffice.

In marriage, shyness could become a problem because it could mean that one person is holding back a bit of himself or herself from the other, and that is unhealthy. Click To Tweet

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not embarrassed or ashamed in each other’s presence. Genesis 2:25 (AMP)

In marriage, we should feel comfortable with each other’s presence on whatever level. We should be “naked” in every sense of the word without being ashamed or embarrassed.
I know this happens more often in very young marriages… like in the case of my sister above, but it shouldn’t really be a big deal at all.

Can you imagine having to drown out the sound of your pooping with rushing water sounds, just so your spouse won’t hear it? What time and effort and even money would that consume?

My husband and I have conversations while in the toilet doing our businesses… except the smell gets really intolerable, lol. Little things like this could be indicators of not fully letting go of yourself to your spouse… or no?

What do you think?

Do you fart before your spouse?

Can you poop in your spouse presence and/or to his/her hearing?

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  1. Very interesting topic ma. ❤️

  2. Hmmm. I love this topic. My wife and I got over this issue while courting, even before we got married. I won’t say we we’ve had a farting contest (thanks for the suggestion) but we have had many ‘conciliatory’ or retaliatory farting episodes. Ugochi, like you, I am laughing throughout the time I typed out this comment and long after. Thank you for the bout of laughter.

  3. What a hilarious topic and attention grabber, Ugochi–both the title and the “fart!” ha! Well, I do think there’s a certain comfortableness we all gain in our marriages as we go along through the years. My boys think it’s disgusting that I can stand at my sink and brush my teeth while my hubby, Gary, sits on his throne and we discuss “the royal duties of the day!” ha! Certainly learning to let down our guards in marriage should come with the territory. I think the more secure we are in our Father’s love of us, the easier it is to give to our spouses! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my sweet friend and thanks for subscribing to my Youtube channel! Love ya!

    1. Ha ha ha Beth! I like this description right here, I am sure someday when the young man gets married he will look back and understand.
      And I agree so much with you in getting secured in our Father’s love.
      I have been up and about hence my late response, I am sure you understand.

  4. Farting before your spouse especially d ladies at the early days in marriage could make one become ashame. But as a matter of fact, there is nothing bad in doing it. Couple that love each other could turn it to fun when together. I remember telling my husband that any one who does that in my village gets a knock on the head by the closest person to him or her. So whenever he does it, I’ll pursue him to give him a knock and vice versa. So doing it before your spouse is not a big deal. We have to feel free with our spouses any day, any time, any where.

    1. I agree with you Euk, and I like that you and your husband have found a fun way to deal with it.

  5. Hehe…u got me laughing all through. Hmm fart ? Hehe..actually i open the tap too.lol

    1. Lol! Don’t be shy, shut the tap and do your business, there is nothing to be embarrassed about with your spouse.

  6. Lol! It’s really a funny topic but very pertinent. The first time it really came to my mind was when a friend used it as a proverb or so to her fiance. They were having some misunderstanding during courtship and she told him that if in their marriage she couldn’t pollute the air and go scott free she had no business getting married to him. Since then it became food for thought to me that couples are supposed to consider themselves one and be able to bear with each other’s weak moments not just their perfections.

    1. Yes Delite, couples are regarded as One Flesh by God. We must start believing and acting like we truly are one.

  7. lol
    hello pst,
    this is realy fun, and educative,thanks alot for sharing ,although am not married yet,.it enlightens me alot,i understand is a sort of way,of living openly with our spouse,without holding anything back. love u GOD bless.

    1. Amen! Love you too Deborah! Have a super blessed day!

  8. well i av never done dat before kus am a very shy person but dis has educated my mind set pertaining dis.

    1. Praise God! It all boils down to being very open with your spouse, shyness can foster closing up.

  9. Lol…honestly if you had asked this question some years back I would simply reply ‘ oh no, I would excuse myself and go do my business elsewhere’ but now even when I am not close to my husband, I run to him just to fart before him, it’s so fun and makes me feel at home. May God continue to bless your ministry ma.

    1. Lol! It is great to be naked and unashamed with your spouse. Thanks for coming by Onyi, have a super blessed day!

  10. Oh how funny, well Ugochi when you guys get into your late late 60’s that is the least of your problems lol. My husband and I just take it for granted as much as scratching your head. Now scratching your butt may be a whole different subject lol…… It’s all a part of sharing everything and becoming one in each other. Our priorities are so much different now the when we were younger. You worry about personal things like this but as you get older your priorities change greatly and farting no longer becomes a priority lol. I just love the two of you, your conversations, prayers and articles. You are the best. God has blessed both of you and have blessed all of us to know you.

    1. I agree mom. As marriages grow, things like this no longer matter… But couples can start letting down all guards and enjoy their marriages earlier than wait for later.

  11. LOL.. totally agree with you on this. I’ve heard of couples having farting contests, so funny we used to do that as kids. Funny thing is the noisier ones are less smelly.

    1. Harmless fun ideas for couples Ey? Thanks for coming by, I smiled all the way as I wrote this post.

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