When God Swore
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When God Swore

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When God Swore

Have you ever made a promise to someone? To a friend, child, or spouse, and tried desperately to convince them that what you promised, you would do? I have made some promises that I didn’t keep, not because I lacked the commitment to, but because something came up and hindered me from fulfilling them.

Our Doubts
A lot of times we seem to wonder if God can really come through for us in regards to His promises, or if He will. Sometimes we run into conclusions that maybe because of so and so (events going on around us) He may not be able to fulfill certain promises He has made to us in His word.

God is not man, He cannot lie, He cannot be hindered, and He cannot fail. Click To Tweet

And He Swore
God is The All-powerful God there is absolutely nothing He cannot do and He is WILLING to do all that He has promised you as written in His word. And in a bid to convince you, He swore, can you beat that?

He wanted to prove to Abraham that what He said to Him would surely come to pass:

For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself, saying, Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee. Hebrews 6:13, 14 

And as you know, this oath and blessing also covers to those who have Christ as saviour and redeemer. Galatians 3:13,14

As I think of this, I am excited because God swore by the single greatest person in the entire universe, Himself. God cannot lie (Permit my repetition for emphasis)! I reckon that all my needs and desires are covered in His word and He is true to His word. No matter how big or far-fetched my desires seem to be, God has got it covered.

Accordingly God also, in His desire to show more convincingly and beyond doubt to those who were to inherit the promise the unchangeableness of His purpose and plan, intervened (mediated) with an oath.  Hebrews 6:17 (AMP)

The Almighty swore And He swore by Himself, by His unchanging nature, just to let us know that He is not joking or lying to us or simply wants to make us happy. He means all of it, every single thing He has promised He will bring them to pass if we hold on in faith and patience.

God is The God of integrity; He has His reputation to protect. Click To Tweet

He swore to show His unwavering commitment to His seed, to help us know that He WILL do that which He has promised, regardless of the things we see, hear or feel. He is unchanging, cannot lie, and cannot fail!

We read through scriptures of people like King David, Noah, Abraham, Hannah, Sarah, Manoah and His wife who He made promises to and fulfilled.

There is not one record of God’s inability or failure to fulfill His word…

God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through? Numbers 23:19 (NLT)

Do you still have doubts?
Or is your faith stirred up?

Copyright© Ugochi Oritsejolomisan 2014
(Update from 2012)





Ugochi Oritsejolomisan

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan is a mentor, encourager and influencer. She writes to inspire you to live a full life. Ugochi lives in Canada with her husband Benson and their children; Joshua, Joseph and Josiah.

  • Deborah Okeke
    Posted at 15:43h, 04 October

    hello pst,
    this article help me keep my heart & faith firm in the promises of GOD in life.
    yea GOD is not a man that he should lie. <3 you.Remain bless.

    • Ugochi Jolomi
      Posted at 07:12h, 05 October

      I am glad to know this has helped your faith Deborah. Praise be to God!

  • Rosey
    Posted at 19:14h, 03 October

    I pray sometimes not to doubt God, even though I’m not doubting God. Does that make sense? I think it’s a Judas phobia. I don’t ever want to be a Judas.

    That being said, to answer your question here, I don’t have doubts. I’ve been praying on one huge thing in my life, and wondering when the answer will come. I don’t doubt that it will come though… just wondering when. 😉 When I start to question if my prayers are being heard, even though I know that they are, I get little answers to other things, to let me know all is well. God’s nice that way. 🙂

    • Ugochi Jolomi
      Posted at 07:14h, 05 October

      I love that God does not leave us hopeless or helpless, He sure does have ways of reassuring us.
      I know you meant Thomas who doubted God (not Judas), well, it is a good thing you ask for help not to doubt Him, and He is helping you Rosey, like He is helping everyone of us.

      • Rosey
        Posted at 15:59h, 05 October

        I haven’t thought of Thomas in a long time (I guess that’s where the old saying, ‘doubting Thomas comes from though!). You are right, I did confuse what I was saying though…I’ve been reading and listening to Revelations, and it was Judas I was worried about being…the betrayer, the one who denies God to save his own skin. Revelations is said to be a blessing, but I find it frightening sometimes. I have 100% faith, I just hope I am able to always express it no matter the circumstances.

        Thank you for the gentle correction. Have a great rest of the weekend! 🙂

        • Ugochi Jolomi
          Posted at 16:29h, 05 October

          I figured it was some kind of mix up too…
          Seriously! Revelations can be scary, but like you have indicated, faith quells all our fears.
          Thanks very much, you have a super blessed weekend too!

  • Theresa Doghor
    Posted at 12:21h, 03 October

    My heart is firm
    Trusting the Lord
    He will come through as He has said.

    • Ugochi Jolomi
      Posted at 13:07h, 03 October

      Amen! He will come through!
      Have a super blessed day sis!