Is Christ's Return For Real? - Ugochi Oritsejolomisan
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Is Christ’s Return For Real?

Is Christ’s Return For Real?

Is Christ's return for real?Long before I was born, long before my parents and great-grand parents were born. It had been written and told that Jesus is coming a second time to judge the earth. Now thousands of years have come and gone yet Christians are waiting and waiting and still waiting…

The Questions
Could this be true? Is Jesus really coming back? How long are we supposed to wait? Would God, The God of love, really destroy this earth? Would He really send the ones He has created to hell, a place of eternal death?
These questions have caused many, both followers and non-followers of Christ to doubt Christ’s return, heaven and hell.
Sometimes when you speak to someone about giving his/her heart to Christ, they put up all these questions before you and tell you this is the only life, “Why not let’s just enjoy it?” they ask.

Some Believers Now Wonder
Some believers have allowed these doubts to school them into believing that:

  • Christ’s return is uncertain.
  • His return is still long far away from now.
  • They can go on sinning and just before He comes they would receive grace.

Like Noah’s Days
These thoughts were held back in the days of Noah too. I believe (my thoughts) that some people would have seen the big ark and asked questions, and I believe Noah would have told them why he was building it. Like men are living their lives currently, as if nothing is at stake, they also went on as if nothing was at stake.

As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For just as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, [men] marrying and [women] being given in marriage, until the [very] day when Noah went into the ark, and they did not know or understand until the flood came and swept them all away—so will be the coming of the Son of Man. Matthew 24:37-39 (AMP)

We must refuse the questions and doubts and seeming uncertainties the enemy and the world try to paint around Christ’s return. We have already been warned:

…you must know and understand this, that scoffers (mockers) will come in the last days with scoffing, [people who] walk after their own fleshly desires. And say, where is the promise of His coming? For since the forefathers fell asleep, all things have continued exactly as they did from the beginning of creation. 2 Peter 3:3&4 (AMP) (My Emphasis)

You see, people think, “we have been hearing this since, why has it not happened?” But they forget that God is not a man that He should lie, His word is truth and final.

Reading the whole of 2 Peter 3 will help every believer not to waver or doubt concerning the return of our saviour but to live everyday like it is the day.
We must remember that many of the lead up signs to His return have already happened or are happening right now:
Read 2 Timothy 3:2 and Matthew 24

Let’s Take Our Hold On God’s Word
We must remember that God cannot lie and Christ will return like a thief. God is only waiting to give more people the opportunity to choose Him…

Nevertheless, do not let this one fact escape you, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. The Lord does not delay and is not tardy or slow about what He promises, according to some people’s conception of slowness, but He is long-suffering (extraordinarily patient) toward you, not desiring that any should perish, but that all should turn to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will vanish (pass away) with a thunderous crash, and the [[a]material] elements [of the universe] will be dissolved with fire, and the earth and the works that are upon it will be burned up. 2 Peter 3:8-10 (AMP)

Let’s not join the bandwagon of people that lives their lives without staying conscious of Christ’s return.

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Ugochi Oritsejolomisan

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan is a mentor, encourager and influencer. She writes to inspire you to live a full life. Ugochi lives in Canada with her husband Benson and their children; Joshua, Joseph and Josiah.

  • jay
    Posted at 07:23h, 07 July

    When the time comes they will know if it’s true or not. If God didn’t send his SON to DIE it would have been a different thing. His son died and likewise all sinners. Had I known is always always at the end. Mine won’t be so.

    • Ugochi Oritsejolomisan
      Posted at 18:29h, 05 December

      Amen!!!Forgive my late response please and have a super blessed weekend!

  • Rosey
    Posted at 23:31h, 03 July

    I was thinking what you said in the beginning. There are so many people I know and love (and people I don’t know too) who aren’t saved. As nice as it would be, wonderful even, I also appreciate the time.

    • Ugochi Oritsejolomisan
      Posted at 18:32h, 05 December

      Praise God Rosey! Forgive my late response please and have a super blessed weekend!