He Wants, She Wants

He Wants, She Wants

It is funny how husbands and their wives do things to each other, things they do not like and cannot stand if done to them and then find it hard to do for, or to them those things they themselves desire. As I sat before a couple recently and thought about their marriage, my marriage and many others I know, I thought of some things that husbands and wives do that they cannot take or at least take nicely from their spouses.
Of course there are exceptions, but on a general note, I have discovered it to be the same in most marriages.

For Most Wives…
1. They nag a lot but cannot stand a tiny bit of nagging from their husbands
2. They always expect perfection from their husbands but get upset when he expects it of them.
3. They always want the house clean, unless of course their good selves messes it up. Lol!
4. They want to be treated like a queen but hardly able to treat their husbands like a king.
5. Always want their husbands to listen to aaaaallllll they have to say, but go “I am tired” when he wants to talk.

There may be more you want to add…

For Most Husbands
1. They often expect an apology even when they are wrong, but cannot stand it when their wives do same.
2. They are often quick to point out wrong in or by their wives but get upset when their own wrongs are pointed out.
3. They often want to talk about their past relationships with the opposite sex to their wives if any, but cannot stand to listen if their wives want to share theirs too. Lol
4. When their health is challenged they want to be babied and pampered and thoroughly looked after but they cannot or do not know how to stand it when the same attention is demanded of them.
5. They often expect respect and honour but get angry when their wives state their need to be respected too.

You may want to add some more…

You know, it is okay to expect good from your spouse, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as you do the good he or she deserves or expects from you too. It should go both ways or it will hardly work smoothly. To put it in God’s own words;

So then, whatever you desire that others would do to and for you, even so do also to and for them, for this is (sums up) the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 7:12 AMP

This scripture works very well in marriages too, or don’t you think?

Copyright© Ugochi Oritsejolomisan 2014


Ugochi Oritsejolomisan

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan a Christian, a minister of the gospel, an author, a speaker and a writer. Her book "To Kiss Or Not To Kiss." Is a favourite of its readers. She writes to inspire you for a better life in God. She is wife to Benson, mother of Joshua, Joseph and Josiah.


  1. hello
    I was over on Katherine’s Corner and seen you in the comments just wanted to say Hello

    1. Thanks for stopping by, do have a super blessed day!

  2. Bless you am. I thank God for you and these powerful posts.
    It is funny how when we get married we think “Yes I finally have someone to love me forever.” That is not the case however, what we should be thinking is “I have someone to pour out my love on unconditionally.” So love is about giving. That was why God gave his only Son for us, because He loves us. Like S. Dana or P. Dana said it is about giving. Lord help us to remember that always In Jesus Name. Amen. Have a great day ma. Greetings to all yours.

    1. Amen! Love is about giving not just receiving. Thanks a lot for coming by ma, I will send your greeting. Have a super blessed night!

  3. So true, Ugochi. And I hope that we will do our best to give even if our spouses don’t. That’s the hardest part of marriage. Ironically, it’s often the most fertile time to send down deep roots of love in our Lord (first) and in turn in He deepens the love we feel and then give to our spouses. Thanks for sharing at Wedded Wed, sweet friend!

    1. Really Beth, that IS the hardest part, giving whether or not our spouses are giving. That is the true test of love. Thanks for coming by Beth, the pleasure is all mine. Do have a super blessed day!

  4. Hmmm, I actually missed you sis. Anytime I come here, I get a dose of truth. Selfishness is part of the human nature and marriage is not exempted from it. To make any relationship work, we have to be sacrificial and willing to tend to each other needs. God bless you bigly sis.keep sharing

    1. Sacrifice is the word my sister. Unfortunately it is one thing the flesh does not want to do. But with God’s help we can overcome the flesh if we only will. Thanks a lot for coming by and leaving this note, do have a super blessed day!

  5. How true – a marriage is a give and take – you can’t be the taker and never the giver. All relationships are like that, yet married couples sometimes forget that and take each other for granted. We would all do well to remember that scripture quote!

    1. So sad, we allow familiarity and selfishness set in. Thanks for coming by Dana, have a super blessed day!

  6. So true! God help me!!

    1. Me too! Amen! Lol

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