Something New

Something New

Today's WordMany times fear and uncertainty holds a lot of people hostage to mediocrity, they are afraid to step out into something they feel led to do. Especially if it something that has not been thought of, mentioned or done before. They’d rather stick with the known and normal.
I believe that something that has never been done and is a confirmed dream from God should be pursued with excitement; God wants to blaze a brand new trail with you.
Many people whose names are written down in the Guinness World Book Of Record are people who did something no one has ever done before, or surpassed what has been done. So do not let fear cripple you, go for it, give that new dream of yours all that it takes and watch God enter you into His own Book Of Records.
God never gave instructions on how the inheritance of a father of all girls should be handled until late Zelophehad’s daughters rose up to fulfill a burning desire. They chatted a brand new course that helped generations unborn.
Read Numbers 27



  1. Thank u Ma for this.indeed,if God gives the go ahead,He can make us pacesetters for others to follow.I believe…

    1. Yes He can if we believe! Praise God!

  2. Thank you MJ .sometimes you cant help wondering if you heard well because where you are presently seem so far from what you are led to achieve. But truly with God nothing is impossible.

    1. Truly ma, in spite of all, with God nothing is impossible!

  3. Dear ugochi,
    Thank you for this very piece ” something new” it has encouraged me and compelled me to move forward to the new task Ahead of me, with all faith. God bless you real good.

    1. Praise God! Thanks a lot for coming by, do have a super blessed day!

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