Don’t Quiet The Holy Spirit

Don’t Quiet The Holy Spirit

Today's WordHave you ever seen talented or gifted persons and tried to tell them how much they could achieve with what has been bestowed upon them by The Almighty? You tell them time and time again but they do not do anything about it, some start but do not follow through, some even tell you they do not have what you say they have, but you know they are talented. Now how frustrating can that be? Especially since you love them and what the best for them.
The Holy Spirit in us keeps nudging us to stretch ourselves into our destinies, He wakes us up to our gifts and talents, He sends people to us to show us or open us up to the gifts bestowed on us, He ignites a passion in our hearts to follow the yearnings of our souls.
Some of us rise up to it, some ignore it, some give up on it.
When we ignore The Holy Spirit, He goes silent on us; or rather our ears and hearts cannot GET Him anymore. Constant disobedience to His nudges in our hearts seals our hearts from sensitivity to Him.
Those who make any impact in the world are those who rose up and grabbed every God-given nudge into their destiny. Stretch into your destiny; follow hard after God’s ignited passion in your heart!

Do not quench (suppress or subdue) the [Holy] Spirit; 1 Thessalonians 5:19(AMP)



  1. May I not quench the Spirit’s leading in my life IJN,amen.
    Thanks aunty Ugochi,this was just speaking to me.

    1. Amen!

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