29 Ways To Help Your Marriage Stand

29 Ways To Help Your Marriage Stand

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Mark 3:25,
Any marriage divided against itself cannot stand, if unrest lingers in a marriage, it pushes the couple further apart from the closest they have been and if not dealt with, it will only take some time and the marriage will crumble. Keeping the peace is very important in every marriage. The atmosphere must be right for progress in all aspects to take place, when there is no peace in the marriage the home is not conducive for either husband, wife or children, leaving a room for the enemy to come in and do what he knows best, steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10

The onus lies on both husband and wife to make sure there is peace in their marriage. If one is pursuing peace and the other refuses to join in the pursuit, the struggle is severe. There must be agreement on both parts to want peace, and then they must seek to know and do all that is required for peace to reign in the marriage.

These are some ways I know we all can maintain peace in our marriages:

1. Be straight with your spouse.
2. Always be truthful to your spouse.
3. Be forgiving towards your spouse.
4. Work to grow in love for your spouse.
5. Do not ignore your spouse’s cry for attention.
6. Treat your spouse special then others.
7. Be intentional about showing care for your spouse.
8. Do not always strive towards having the last word.
9. Refrain from nagging at your spouse.
10. Always bother about how your spouse thinks or feels.
11. Do not always point to your spouse how wrong they are and how right you are.
12. Be quick to say sorry.
13. Do not prefer others above your spouse.
14. Take your spouse’s complaints seriously.
15. Do not hold yourself back from your spouse.
16. Always admit when you are wrong.
17. Do not always demand an apology before you forgive.
18. Do not use strong, negative words on your spouse.
19. Always think positive thoughts about your spouse instead of the negative.
20. Do not be secretive in your relationship with your spouse.
21. Do not keep friends your spouse know nothing about.
22. Give a listening ear to your spouse.
23. Do not dwell on what your spouse is not and not doing.
24. Dwell on what your spouse is doing right and talk about it and be grateful.
25. Do not desire to spend more time away from, rather than with your spouse.
26. Work hard on doing those things your spouse enjoys.
27. Love your spouse genuinely and unconditionally.
28. Follow God and His word instead of taking counsel from friends, relatives or colleagues.
29. Keep God and His word at the centre of your marriage.

I could go on and on… but I would love for you to add yours…

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  1. I’ve never been in a relationship before, but these sound like some good and sound tips. I’m definitely saving this for the future!

    1. I am grateful you found it so. Thanks a lot for coming by, do have a super blessed day!

  2. I love this list, Ugochi! It’s right down my alley as am a list maker! ha! But you’ve pointed out some very important truths that we might not give our full attention to in marriage unless it’s spelled out (listed out) for us here. I especially like number 29! In my view, it’s what controls, motivates and blesses all the others! Thanks for sharing these, my friend!

    1. It sure does Beth, that is the foundation. Thanks a lot for coming by, I always appreciate your visits. Do have a super blessed day!

  3. I’m not married but this is a wonderful post! Will share with my married friends 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing Nicole. I would be glad to get an invite when it is time.
      Have a super blessed day!

  4. I would add -date your spouse regularly and often! Continue the pursuit and keep the courtship going! I talk more about this idea here: http://www.spousedates.com/courtship-key-to-dating-spouse-well/
    Great list, Ugochi! I am going to share it with my audience too.

    1. Very true Steve, we most times forgot the things we used to do in the beginning… Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing, have a super blessed day!

  5. Excellent list! I think I’ve seen many women really struggle with #13. Don’t know why but it is so easy to let our husbands take the back seat to almost anyone else! Thanks for sharing this and encouraging all of us.

    1. I agree with you Kate, I think sometimes we expect them to understand, and some other times we are not intentional in out relationship with our spouses. Whichever it is, it is wrong though. Thanks a lot for coming by and leaving this note. Do have a super blessed day!

  6. Pray! Pray! Pray! What is wrong needs to be made right and what is right needs to be strengthened! Stay blessed!

    1. Prayer! What can we do without God’a backing? Thanks for coming by sister, do have a super blessed day! Love

  7. This is wonderful, Ugochi! I would add one thing, and it’s what I wrote about one day last week: be kind to each other. That involves cutting our spouses some slack from time to time when they forget something like a special occasion or the like. The thing I always remember is that I am far from perfect in life and in my marriage, and that means I mess up too at times.

    Blessings to you & yours!

    1. We all mess up Anna. So we must give our spouses room to mess up sometimes too. I like the way you kind of sum it up – KINDNESS. Thanks a lot for coming by Anna, do have a super blessed day, love!

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