Yielded To Righteousness

Yielded To Righteousness

Today's WordThere is a song by Damita Haddon I love so much; “It all belongs to you”, this song cuts to my heart all the time I hear it and I often recommit myself to God.
This song says; my heart, mind and soul belong to God and I often reflect on a scripture I came across sometime. It means every part of me, spirit, soul and body belong to God and must stay yielded to Him. It means my eyes, my mouth, my hands, my legs and every part of me belong to him and must get involved in doing things that please Him only. I must only look at, think of, speak of, touch or do with my hands, do and go with my feet only things that are pleasing to Him and bring Him glory.
No part of me must be yielded or get involved doing anything that is not pleasing to God. I think of this often and let it guide my actions.
Do not continue offering or yielding your bodily members and faculties to sin as instruments (tools) of wickedness. But offer and yield yourselves to God as though you have been raised from the dead to perpetual life, and your bodily members and faculties to God, presenting them as implements of righteousness. Romans 6:13 AMP


  1. Let me go listen to the song.

    1. I bet you’ll love it!

  2. ALL PART of us belong to HIM and should be used for God’s glory alone.
    Thank u for dis reminder

    1. Praise God sis!

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