The People That Matter

The People That Matter

Teshuva Today's wordTo matter by the world’s standard is to show yourself off , state your importance, and live loud. Make everyone else tremble before you especially because of position, office, riches and affluence;  and rub in their state of fewer privileges in life. But God’s standard requires a different approach-Humility
Until a person humbles himself and recognizes that he is nothing without God, until he yields himself to obedience of God’s word and law of love, and treats others with respect, instead of seeing them as inferior, he is not counted as important before God.
And to be important before God is what truly counts because when you are able to think less of yourself in humility only then will He exalt you and put you under His spotlight.

Be humble before the Lord, and he will make you great. James 4:10 (CEV)



  1. Humility–The Mother of giants.

    1. Yes indeed!

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