Uninformed Zeal

Uninformed Zeal

Picture of a BibleGod put in us all the zeal to serve Him, this passion must remain fanned, and ignited so that we do not turn Luke-warm, thinking that we are now accomplished believers. But passion or zeal that does not glorify God, zeal without following it God’s way, is really deadly, Jesus says that some would even kill in God’s name, thinking they do it in obedience to God. So to be acceptably zealous, we must find out by simply studying God’s word to know how He wants to be worship and served, otherwise we might expend energy doing the wrong things and offending God instead.
This would definitely end up in condemnation and damnation, so let us get to know God and His terms of worship.

For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.  Romans 10:12


  1. Mmmm… What can I say?

    1. You can praise God. Lol

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