Turn It On

Turn It On

There are some things that do not require too much effort. There are some things that naturally answer to some other things. To cut the chase; darkness naturally flees from light. No matter how dark the darkness, the introduction of just a little light will chase the darkness away.
Every believer has light resident in him; light that will chase every darkness, of pain, disease, poverty, confusion and all such. All we need to do is ignite that light, simply turn it on; when the darkness comes face to face with the word, the light of God, it cannot but bow out. We carry God’s light in us, we cannot afford too wallow in darkness…

In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it. John 1:4-5 AMP


  1. If I claim to be in the light but hate my brother or sister, I’m still in darkness. Lord, I choose You….. I choose Light and every darkness in my life must flee.

    1. Amen!

  2. May this Light continue to shine in, through, over and all around us!

    1. Amen!

  3. Hey! Now I’m visiting you 🙂

    This is so inspirational. The light does always win out over darkness!

    1. Always!

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