Keep Up Your Courage

Keep Up Your Courage

Today's WordWhen God showed me what my first son looked like even before he was born. I was so confident I was having a baby boy. So when people started questioning me: and asking why I was so sure I answered a few while I didn’t bother to answer some. But I was sure, I knew what I knew, so I did not bother myself, or wonder if I was really going to have a male or female child. Besides, God had given me a name, and that name was strictly male.
God speaks to us especially via His word and His word can be totally depended on. When He says a thing you can count on it even when everything seems to point to the opposite.
Paul had such confidence even in the face of a storm because God had told him that he must appear before Caesar. And he assured every one on the ship, and told them not to be afraid.
You too, do not be afraid, hold on to that thing God has told you and brace up in spite of what you see, hear or feel.

So keep up your courage, men, for I have faith (complete confidence) in God that it will be exactly as it was told me; Acts 27:25 AMP



  1. Our God is an awesome dependable God.

    1. Yes He is indeed!

  2. May the Lord open our eyes of faith to see and our hearts to believe the truth that his word is.

    1. Faith is a mandatory tool every believer requires. It draws us closer to God. Faith is power and without faith we cannot see God. O Lord, help me to grow my faith in You as I daily study Your word.

    2. Amen!

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