Saved To Serve

Saved To Serve

Picture of a BiblePharaoh would not let God’s people go out of Egypt, he held them in captivity and held them from serving God like He commanded them. When God sent Moses and Aaron to Him, to let the Israelite go, God kept using one phrase, “That they may serve me”
God saved you and I so that we would be free to serve Him, free from every other entanglement that may be holding us back from serving Him like we ought to; in holiness and righteousness.
Are we fulfilling the primary purpose for our salvation, are we serving The God that has saved us from the hands of the enemy, the God that has brought us out of darkness into His marvelous light?

To grant us that we, being delivered from the hand of our foes, might serve Him fearlessly, In holiness (divine consecration) and righteousness [in accordance with the everlasting principles of right] within His presence all the days of our lives. Luke 1:74-75 (AMP)


  1. This people have I formed to show forth my praise, says the Lord.

    1. Amen!

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