Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing With Difficult People

Picture of a BibleWe often think some people are very difficult and impossible to deal with. I agree there are those exceptionally hard nuts of people to relate with. But on a general note, even some of those people we think are being difficult, by the time we get to know some of the things they are going through, where they have come from, or what they are afraid of, it becomes easier to understand how to better relate with them.
Nothing is impossible with love, no heart is too rocky for Love to breakthrough to, it may take a while, but it will eventually give in. When you try to put yourself in other people’s shoes, you will know how you would have loved to be treated if you were in their place; treat them just like that. This is how love behaves…

And as you would like and desire that men would do to you, do exactly so to them. Luke 6:31(AMP)


  1. Bless you ma. I pray that God will give us the wisdom to deal with difficult people in Jesus name. Amen. And all people in general. Amen. Have a great day ma.

    1. Amen! Have a super blessed weekend too ma!

  2. yeah! treat people with love, that is the greatest of them all.

    1. Absolutely!

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