The Sex That Killed

The Sex That Killed

I am all for sex, IN MARRIAGE only of course, I am all for adventures in sex too. Sex is very healthy and therapeutic according to medical experts and I agree…

This past week I read a disturbing article online (I wish it wasn’t true) of how a couple fell of a window while having sex and DIED, you can read about it HERE. I did some check with THE SUN before posting this. I know some of you might have read or heard about it too. Some how after reading this I thought to mention that couples should be safety conscious in their sexual adventures. Some like to do it in the kitchen, with harmful kitchenware all over the place, some in the bathroom, inside slippery bathtubs, some have been injured in their passionate sexual escapades because they did not think safety in the heat of the moment.

Sex against a glass door or window is not something I have thought about until I read the article above, now I want to tell couples we should apply safety in sex, so that what was meant to be a blessing does not bring death, as in the case above.

God may not be into specific details on the where of sex, but He gave us the Holy Ghost and He expects us to have sex with safety in mind. I believe we should:

  1. Not try to copy sex scenes from movies; most of them are unreal.
  2. Be sensible in our choice of place (and position) for sex.
  3. Refuse to get carried by emotions so much that we do not consider our well being when having sex

Please note that I am not saying that sex should be monotonous or without spice, what I am saying is that we should be careful not to hurt ourselves with the blessing God has given to us. I bet the couple in the story did not think it was this pleasurable blessing from God that would end their lives; they were simply looking to enjoy the pleasures due them ( In the belief that they are married) and did not mean to harm or kill themselves.

“Sameness leads to lameness” my Spiritual Mother always says, I totally agree. We must however apply wisdom in all that we do; sex inclusive.

…wisdom is profitable to direct. Ecclesiastes 10:10

What were you thinking as you read?

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  1. I’m headed over to read the article. It’s a sad intro., and I already know it’s going to have a bad ending. 🙁

    I have a 14-yr. old right now and I’m busy sending messages to her here and there and praying all the time. The attitude towards sex at her age, is astoundingly casual. I don’t like it.

    1. It is so sad how things are turning in this generation Rosey, so sad!

  2. Hmm, weird things happen. God created sex and intended it for pleasure. Perverting sex and turning it into a painful experience in my estimation, is man’s invention. The fact that one is having sex within the boundaries of marriage, is no excuse to throw caution to the wind and engage in harmful sexual experiments. Sad, though.

    1. Harmful indeed! We all ought to be cautious so the enemy takes no advantage.

  3. Yes sex is Gods design for marital bliss yet in estacy some throw caution in the wind and the result is the article we read. Sex is purpose in “marriage” for pleasure, so couples must constantly oil and spices their marriage with ernest concentration.

    1. …And safety too! Thanks bro, for coming by and leaving this note. Do have a super blessed weekend!

  4. Ugochi…wow! How crazy is that article? Everything God created, He created to bring glory to Himself…including sex. With that perspective, everything about sex changes, doesn’t it? Thanks so much for sharing!! I’m stopping over from Intentionally Yours by way of Living Proverbs 31 Link Up…

    1. Yes Sherry, it is crazy! And this does change some perspective on sex. Thanks a lot for coming by, do have a super blessed day!

  5. Wow! That is just crazy and scary! I had no idea about this.

    1. My very first thought and feeling too! We all have to be cautious and take absolutely nothing for granted! Thanks for coming by Chanda!

  6. I am thinking ” what a write-up!” as I read. Further I am thinking “what an escapade!!!” Life is about experimenting, variety, many colours, adventures etc. but this? All I can whisper now is wao!

    1. That was my reaction too at first!

  7. I think this is a very sexy article, ok ok now for seriousness….. You are so right. Pleasure and Pain are definitely two different things….. Don’t mix the two.

    1. Lol Joan! seriously, this is not the way to die… Wisdom demands that we “open” our eyes while we choose the “place”!

  8. Sex is good if we apply safety.

    1. Truly

  9. I just read that article…. Wow, no words…

    1. Hard to fathom right?

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