Under Great Influence

Under Great Influence

teshuva, jesus, God, love, obey, the wordI remember how my husband often shares that he used to literarily live in the bottle. He tells of how as a victim he had no control of his thoughts, his words or his actions. He tells of a day when he slept outside because he was under the great influence of alcohol and had no control of himself. Alcohol is deadly and has no present or eternal value for us but there is an influence we must all come under as followers of Christ.

This influence does us only good here and hereafter, it brings eternal joy and peace. LOVE is that influence, genuine, true love, and the kind only God can give. When we are under the influence of love we are no longer controlled by our flesh and desires but by God Himself.  This love is priceless and powerful. When you are under the influence of love it becomes the motive for all you think, say and do. The Apostles did all the amazing works they did because they were under the influence of love. With love you cannot go wrong.

We must deliberately put ourselves under the influence of God’s love and we will live meaningful and impactful lives.

The love of Christ controls us… 2 Corinthians 5:14 (CEV)


  1. Addiction is a force beyond the strength of man and it only takes an addicted love to change an addicted behaviour. God’s love for us is beyond man’s reasoning, man’s nature is addicted to sin while God’s nature is addicted to mercy, God’s love gives hope for every sinner, may His grace abound much more in our addictions. God bless

    1. Amen!!!

  2. Yeah we must be under the influence of Gods love. That is the best atmosphere.

    1. It is indeed Uzo, have a super blessed day!

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