Wanting More

Wanting More

teshuva, jesus, God, love, obey, the wordI often remember how a young lady came to ask me if I knew where my spiritual mother shops for her clothes, as she wanted to buy the same clothes. I didn’t know and I told her so, but I couldn’t stop wondering why she thought she could afford to shop in the same place as her husband was a very young and upcoming pastor. Several months later would reveal that her husband amongst other misbehaviours had been meddling with monies not belonging to him…

Discontentment is a great tool of the enemy to keep us trapped in greed. Wanting more, and wanting all that everyone else has all to satisfy our selfish lusts will keep us sad and grumpy. We should rather choose to be happy with what we do have, while we work and trust God to bless us with our needs.

When one is insatiable, he is driven to do anything whether good or bad to satisfy himself. This is very risky because many have perished in their pursuit for more…

…greed for plunder takes away the lives of its possessors. Proverbs 1:19 AMP

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