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Financial corruption is eating up the world today, leaders are playing around with national funds, employers embezzling organizations’ monies, friends duping friends, staff robbing banks, cheats hacking into people’s accounts and making away with their monies. People are hardly willing to trust, especially when it has to do with money. Even in homes some couples cannot trust each other when it comes to money.
Unfortunately some believers have not conquered greed, some Church leaders are still battling with lack of financial integrity. Brethren in church are duping, cheating and stealing from one another. Some employer brethren are afraid to employ a brother or sister in church for fear of what they might be capable of doing with their finances.
But this should not be, we (believers) should be different, we should give everyone we have to deal with financially good grounds to trust us. No one should loose sleep over monies entrusted to us.
Some project supervisors working to rebuild the temple under King Josiah’s rule were found completely honest in handling finances, this too should be our testimony.

They did not require an accounting from those to whom they gave the money to pay the workers, because they acted with complete honesty. 2 Kings 12:15 NIV


  1. Thank you ma. I pray that everyone who is a believer remembers that there is a day of reckoning. When we keep this in mind along with the fear of God, knowing that we are accountable to Him. This will help us a great deal. In Jesus Name amen. Lol ma.

    1. It will indeed, God help us all. Have a super blessed day ma!

  2. The mercies of God are truly endless and we take advantage of these. We fear and respect other men and women because we cannot only see them but also feel the consequences of our wrongdoings towards them. On the other hand, God, for many christians, is still quite far away, Even though he’s omnipresent and omnipotent, some still do not see him as God! How is it that we are respectful in a court of law but not respectful in the presence of God? If we do not only ‘see’ God as a deity but not know him as one, we would be too scared to even tell a lie! I believe we are sometimes unaccountable because we have lowered God to our level – our comrade, our friend. When we put him back on the throne, reigning as the King, we shall, as true subjects, be accountable to him, Stay blessed, Ugochi!

    1. Holy Spirit, please help your Church to give you your place in our hearts!
      Thanks for these true words sis.

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