What To Really Rejoice About

What To Really Rejoice About

teshuva, jesus, God, love, obey, the wordSpiritual insights, intellectual prowess, business proficiency, wealth, fame, greatness…

All these are great achievements and worthy of note. Unfortunately they all end here and now, they have relatively no eternal consequence as compared to our love for God, His Church and our fellow men. How we handle or respond to God and His commands, how seriously we take His instructions and how reverent we hold His name. These are the things that will earn us a place in eternal bliss.

While we go about playing out life in this soon to end examination preparation, I pray we all keep things in perspective.

Nevertheless, do not rejoice at this…but rejoice that your names are enrolled in heaven. Luke 10:20




  1. May the Lord help us to ‘set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.’ (Colossians 3:2)

    1. Amen!!!

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