Never Refused

Never Refused

teshuva, jesus, God, love, obey, the wordI have always thought on the scriptures where God says He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy on and I often wondered how he does the choosing. Sometimes I wondered if there was a particular requirement needed, because I really desire to have His mercy, to enjoy the fullness of His mercy.  Then I saw was that all I needed was to fear (reverence) Him.

Psalm 103:11 For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him.

The Bible says it is not of Him that wills or runs but of God that shows mercy, and it is by God’s mercy we are not destroyed…

Another day as I wondered if that was all, he said to me…

“Check the scriptures, did I ever refuse any cry for mercy?”

And it dawned on me, that even if though He has promised, I had to ask for it. I just needed to cry to out Him and keep crying out for His mercy, and I will not be refused!




  1. Love this one Ugochi! Blessing to you on this Mother’s Day!

    1. Amen Anna! Thanks a lot and Happy Mothers Day to you too!

  2. Thanks for the insight! I’ll be asking for His mercy daily.


    1. Thanks for coming by, I am glad you found it insightful!

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