I have seen very many beautiful/handsome and attractive people who have not been able to get married, not because they do not desire marriage. I have since discovered that looks alone cannot hold up any relationship, the only thing that can truly keep someone desiring you is your inner beauty, now, I am not talking perfection here. I have also noticed that when inner beauty is talked about, it is often referred to ladies, but inner beauty is equally needed in the men too, you could choose to call it inner handsomeness if that would please you (men).

Real attraction has almost nothing to do with looks; otherwise all the “handsomes” and “beautifuls” would have been happily married by now. It has nothing to do with make-up, perfume or wealth too (except for people who’s (sadly) primary purpose for marriage is money). But speaking about the true purpose of and for marriage, looks alone do not cut it at all.
A person’s look could be an immediate attraction, but after the initial magnetism, only the person’s content quality will keep the attraction intact. So for anyone who wants to attract their spouses and keep them attracted; while doing the work outs to keep a good shape or figure, while working on the biceps and triceps, while getting a hairdo and the trending cuts, while working on the supplest of skin… I guess by now you get the gist: I think it is best to work on the inner looks as well, because when the chips are down, that would be only thing working for you.
All the external looks will fade some day you know: the skin gets wrinkled no matter how much anti-wrinkle everything you apply, the hair will all go grey and old, and maybe bald, the muscles will go flat… none of these externals will last forever. Like I said earlier, you need the inner beauty to keep yourself ever attractive otherwise when you get a lady or man attracted by your looks, and then you open up your inside (by way of your word, actions and reactions- to things, them and/or others they see you with) they would get “scared” off and most likely leave you alone.
Hope fully, like you can work on you outer look, there is a remedy for the inner beauty as well; there are beauty treatments that are prescribed by God the creator that would beautify your inside. And on top of it, your outer look is affected too, because the spiritual holds the physical. So I would want to list from Your/My Creator’s manual, some basic beauty therapy you need to work on for that irresistible beauty that can help in your marriage endeavours and also sustain your marriage.
The Inner Beauty Therapy
1. Being self- controlled- this means being temperate, not giving to the negative emotions. Not reacting impulsively and negatively to people and things.
2. Being Gentle – This means to be polite, courteous and mild when dealing with people.
3. Being Faithful – To be faithful, true and authentic to people is a quality that is very endearing and irresistible.
4. Being Good – When you treat people with decency and respect instead of making them feel worthless by your words or actions, you produce a very pleasant aura.
5. Being Kind – People who are nice and compassionate are found very attractive.
6. Being Patient – Impatient and difficult people are nobody’s delight!
7. Being Peaceful -This simply means to be a peace loving and peace pursuant person, it means not given to quarrels, fights and violence.
8. Joy (which produces Happiness) – A person who is always joyful is always pleasant to be with.
9. Love – This is beyond being affectionate, it is not just a feeling or emotion.  It is a deep seated choice that makes you put other people before yourself. And it is the best therapy for acquiring inner beauty. 
I know you might be wondering if it is possible to be all of this. Thankfully, you are not left to be this all by yourself, there is a stand by helper to help you along the way with the Beauty Therapy. He is called The Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit:

Galatians 5:22 – 23 (CEV)

22 God’s Spirit makes us loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful,
23 gentle, and self-controlled. There is no law against behaving in any of these ways.
He will help you work on your inner beauty if you let Him. And remember, your inner beauty counts a whole lot more than your outer one, so that’s the one you should focus more on. Your looks could attract someone to you but only your inner beauty can actually keep them, and some how when your inside is beautiful, it affects your outer looks too!
Are you already taking this beauty Therapy? Do you need to start?

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  1. Thanks a lot, I hope you will come by often. Have a super blessed weekend!

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  3. This is so well said. Society in general is focusing on and emphasizing physical beauty–almost to the exclusion of internal, eternal beauty. Every young woman or man looking for someone special to share their life with needs to hear this wonderful advice.

    1. Well said! There is too much focus on outward beauty while the true inner beauty is almost neglected.

    2. Sadly true, but each one of us can reach one as often as possible and be ambassadors to cause a change in focus. Thanks a lot Kathleen and Eya for coming by, do have a super blessed day!

  4. So very true!! Physical beauty is fleeting and even the most outwardly beautiful person becomes uglier every day once you get to know them. It’s one’s inner beauty that truly matters. I love this post!! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and that you and your family have a great weekend!

    1. Very true Jen! Beautiful looks ugly when the content is not nice. Thanks for coming by, have a super blessed week ahead!

  5. I’m always failing on the peaceful one. I get worked up really easily, but I’m also quick to apologize for offenses caused (this took years to learn) and quicker to forgive offenses received. Have a blessed weekend!

    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

    1. Still learning here and I am making progress too Tina. Thanks for coming by, have a super blessed day!

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