Do you still melt from the look
Do you still shiver from the touch
Does it still feel like you’re on a hook
Wishing your together time was much

Do you still sit up and wait
Or you no longer, cause it’s “late”
Do you still “like” your mate,
Or there’s no hunger, nothing to elate

How about the sweet love notes
When was the last time you wrote
How about the many hugs and kisses
When last did you weep from so many misses

Have you forgotten how you felt
Have you allowed love to melt
Have you ignored your vows
Have you continued in the row

I know you can still remember
No matter how faint
Love in your heart so tender
Your world so colourfully paint

You can get back there
With some work and patience
You can start now and here
With a resolute choice

You can be kind again
Even when it hurts
You can touch again
Even with no response

You must sow the right seeds
Your marriage is the ground
Try to leave your own needs
And be a peace/love hound

To reap the harvest
You must do your part
And don’t give up the trust
That you will win the heart

It can be revived
It can get better
It can survive
In this stormy weather

Your marriage may be rocking
Everything may be mocking
But if make God your anchor
You sure will find succour

He created marriage
He knows best to make it work
He can give you that leverage
And you won’t have to sulk

If you would listen and follow
His every single word
If you would remain mellow
And let Him be your Lord

You will be victorious
You will find peace
No longer precarious
But souls at ease

Copyright© Teshuva 2012

Photo Credit: Allabouthehappylife


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  2. This is a great poem. Some nice reminders in there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS Day last week!

  3. Sorry I forgot to say I loved your poem, may your god bless you. be well agman

  4. Ugochi, with respect, when was the last time you prayed for forgiveness for the Devil! or is he not worthy? I just think that if we prayed for him and the power of pray turned him around and he returned to the fold, our world may be just a little like heaven.be well agman

  5. I needed to read this poem today – thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! How is the little one doing? I am sending a big bear hug. Thanks for coming by and leaving this note, have a super blessed day!

  6. Nice one There Ugo

    1. Thanks a lot, I do appreciate your coming by and leaving a note. I hope you will come by again often, do have a super blessed day!

  7. This was a great poem!

    1. Thanks Barbara! I believe this is your first time here, I hope you will come by again. I appreciate you, do have a super blessed day!

  8. powerful poem. so true

    1. Thanks sis! I really appreciate your coming by and leaving this note, do have a super blessed day!

  9. Amen ma.

    1. Thanks ma, for coming by today and leaving a note. Have a super blessed day!

  10. Now that was slick! Have to remember this one. Thanks!

    1. Thanks a lot Vernon, I appreciate your coming by and leaving a note. Have a super blessed day!

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