SUNDAY WORSHIP- Fathers Day Special

This Sunday, as we remember our fathers, I decided to share A Fathers’ Song with you. Hope you take time to listen…

Then I also wanted to share a little something I wrote as I grieved for my Father when he passed in ’96:

Dear Father,
This family you reared
We still need you here

You’re still very dear

Why did you have to die
Left us and made us cry
Trying to the pain hide

The laughter we shared
The tears that we cried
The times that we had

Our happiness you craved
Helped, our problems solved
Showed us so much love

We all must confess
This is no just guess
That you are the best

There must be some gain
After all this pain
When we meet again

Copyright Ugochi Jolomi 1996


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  2. I just saw this on your blog and instantly recognized the scene from Blood Diamond where Dia and his father Solomon are reunited. That is one of my favorite movies and I love how the video links the images of the father forgiving the child who has done terrible evil with Matt Redman’s beautiful song. So glad you shared it.

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