Cleavages, more than cleavages, open breasts, open bellies, open bums, nipples standing out from behind bra-less breasts… fashion trends that have captivated the world.

A woman bends over to pick something off the floor and her breasts literally jump out due to “more than a cleavage” show off, or half of her bum is out because her trousers cover half of her bum, especially if the panty is the G-strings. Thongs are okay if you like them, but they may not go well with some kinds of clothes.

Dressing up without a bra doesn’t look decent, sometimes the unexpected could happen, a bra might have saved the day.

I thought the reason clothes were invented was to cover the body, so how come we see naked people, especially women walking the streets? Mummies go for school runs dressed inappropriately, who knows, it may be embarrassing for the child.


I have heard some women say their husbands love them to dress in these manners and my thought is, if any man likes his wife to expose her body to the public, her body which is supposed to be for his view only, then something is wrong. I can assure you that a responsible and decent man will not want any of that.
Some women have also joined this trend because they believe it to be one way to keep their husbands attracted to them, or so that the girls in the street will not take their husbands from them. I think it has t do with more than that.  It is okay to dress in those skimpy clothes or even walk about naked in your house when you are by yourself or alone with your husband, I do that sometimes.
Others believe they have to dress to expose their privacies in order to attract a man and I have always said that any man who gets drawn to you just because he saw some “show off” is no responsible man and will most likely move on to a more attractive “show off” when he sees it/ her.

We know there is a serious break down of morals all over the world right now and if we continue in these trends, it is not going to get any better. We do not have to listen to the media or follow fashion trends that will cause us to look undignified. We have our parts to play as women and mothers if we want our children to get up out of the decadence we are in right now. And believe me or not, a major adjustment in our dress patterns will speak volumes to our generation and the next.


Some of those low neck dresses can be really beautiful, I really love dresses. Thank God for camisoles, get them in different colours, fabrics and styles, and then you can still wear those beauties without having to expose any of your privacies. I have had to buy several of those myself.

I would probably sound backward, too traditional or religious to some of you. But I know it is very improper for any responsible lady, wife and/or mother to show off her breast and bum in public, that it has become very fashionable does not make it right.

Many times this pattern of dressing attracts a lot of disrespect. People talk to us any how because our dressing screams “Irresponsible!”
We need to get a bit more conscious of the way we dress, our children our watching, they will either copy us or resent us. This is a call on women to dress the way they want to be addressed, dress respectably.


  1. Ugo,
    May God bless you for the great write up. keep it up.
    Permit me to lament that some are very busy glorifying nudity in form of fashion, busy approving homosexuality and all sorts of abominations.
    Let’s dress in modesty… some form of dressing for both male and female, can be equated as terrorism.
    LET’S READ THIS PORTION OF BIBLE… 1 COR 6:9-10, GAL 5:19-21, 1 THESS 4:3-5

    1. Unfortunately so my brother, god help us. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts, do have a super blessed day!

  2. I was searching the internet in preparation for an interactive session with a bunch of teenagers when I came across your blog. You have helped me to summarize what I have to communicate (for the girls at least). Thank you.


    1. I am glad you found it so, thanks a lot for coming by and leaving this note.

  3. Madam Ugochi, I will like to know more about your ministry because it seems to address issues of the kingdom and prevailing issues at that. I will really want to be a resource person in your ministry.

    1. Thanks Bro! You might find all you need to know if you click on the about – meet Ugochi page on the site.
      You can email me on the contact page to throw more light on how you intend to work with me.

  4. Well this is an interesting article. What ladies fail to understand is that their real beauty is in the secrecy of their bodies. When the body is exposed to the public it becomes valueless, the actual pride of a woman is in her decent and responsible way of dressing.

    1. I agree completely Brother Jeff!

  5. Thanks for this! It is too true! I LOOOOVE my camisoles and wear them under just about everything. I don’t do the “bra showing through my shirt” trend either. When my husband and I started dating, he actually went through my wardrobe and told me which clothes he perceived as too suggestive – some things I had no idea were too short or too revealing (I’d grown a few inches since I bought them). I so appreciate a man who thinks I’m just as attractive in jeans and long sleeves as in some bikni.

    Thanks for your post! It’s great to know that modesty is growing in popularity!

    1. I am excited to find that it is gaining popularity too Cat! And the “bra showing through shirt” trend is really unreal, can’t believe it. I wonder what they think. Thank God for a helpful husband who wants to present his wife a pure bride.
      Thanks for coming by and leaving this note.
      Have a God-filled day!

  6. Christian women must be modest… a good reminder, Ugochi. Blessings!

    1. Wow Glenys! I just saw this, must have escaped me. Thanks a lot for coming by and leaving this note. I appreciate you.
      Have a God filled day today!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for the link to this post. Wow, you nailed it! Great post!!! I totally like your closing statement for women “to dress the way they want to be addressed, dress respectably”. So true- the way we dress is the way we will be treated!

    1. Btw, I’m going to link to this post in my post tomorrow! 🙂

  8. Thanks Becca,
    I find it alarming at the indecent exposures I have to see everyday. And I was so glad to find a witness. Thanks for visiting and the link up.

  9. I agree with you. A little mystery goes a long way!

  10. Thanks Sandy, everyone does not have to see everything!

  11. A modestly dressed woman adds mystery and demands respect, great post.

  12. I wish I can shout your words out loud for the world to hear Agman! Words so true!

  13. Very correct, modesty IS beautiful.

    And Abigail I wish all women can understand the impact!

  14. Oh amen to this!

    So many women don’t understand there are husband out there who struggle with such immodesty..

    Love your blog, girl!

  15. I agree. modesty is beautiful!

  16. I absolutely agree with you!
    Clothing is made to cover the body and a woman can dress tastefully and still look lovely.

    You say is well !

    Happy Monday!

  17. Thanks Colette, I’m glad I have witnesses!

  18. Amen! If you want respect, you need to dress respectfully – so agree! There are many things I will not consider wearing, especially now that I am a mother. I certainly don’t want my daughter dressing that way in the future!

  19. Thanks for posting this. I agree with you.

  20. Truth, our children copy a lot from us.

  21. Thanks for stopping by Barb!

  22. you have a lot of courage to speak on this subject. this is a good reminder for all of us to check ourselves when it comes to modesty.

  23. Thanks for stopping by Justine.

    you are right Tonya, I did a lot of hard thinking before I posted this, and I really think it’s an important issue.

  24. Stopping by from the Weekend Show Off Party!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! God bless you!

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