Rainbows– God chose such beautiful colours painted into an arch to seal His promise to Noah.

Sincere People– Who are not afraid to be themselves and work on their weaknesses.


Israel– The land where Jesus literally walked on.

Eggs-Poached, boiled, fried, roasted, toasted, plain, with fillings, sunny-side up, scrambled, omelette…

Blue seas- They just remind me of clear freshness.

Children-Their innocence is always challenging.


Tidy-Being in a tidy environment is very cosy for me, and helps my thinking.

Zebras-One of the very beautiful creatures of God.

Baby skin-So soft and gentle to touch, I love the smell too.


Dogs-When they are happy and friedly.

Beans-Cooked in any way , or anything made with beans, lol!

Waterfalls-Breathtaking beauty.

Baby Girls-They are so cute. Don’t have one though…not yet.

Friendly People– I am working hard to be one myself.

Red hair– Still praying for my husband to let me get a dye.

Quiet-Most times I love a calm and serene environment.

Full House-With laughter, food and fun.
             LAUGHTER AND FUN!

Rain fall-But only when at home and in bed.

My Children-God’s gift to me, sometimes I just stare at them and wonder how they all happened. They are lots of tiring fun. 

My Husband-He loves me like I am-imperfect., and I know it is because He loves God.

My God-My Creator, My  Helper, My Teacher, My Guide, My Health, My Source, My Leader, My  Strength, My Hope…My All.  (Too big to be imaged!)

What would I have done, where would I have been without Him? I love You Lord!

It’s your turn now, leave a comment and share some of your favouritos.
I Love you loads!

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  1. Hi Ugochi! What a beautiful blog you have! It reflects your beautifu Heart!

  2. Thanks Shari.
    I know you have a beautiful heart too. Thanks for following.
    God’s grace!

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