Josiah's Birth - Ugochi Oritsejolomisan
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Josiah’s Birth

Josiah’s Birth

This Sunday, March 18 is Mother’s Sunday. Today, I will dedicate my posts to Mothers all over the world.

May 16, 2005

We had just seen my spiritual mum off to the airport. I was heavily pregnant for my last son and few minutes before we left church, I had spotted some blood but kept quiet about it waiting for when my husband and I got home. I thought it was just the “sign” since I was already in my final days.
My husband knew we had to head for the hospital and immediately we got into the house I went into the bathroom for a quick bath. The moment I stepped into the bathtub blood just poured down
from me. Startled, I called my husband to come have a look because with two previous pregnancies and childbirths, I had never experienced blood. And I was a bit concerned, I do not want to see blood, no matter how little, but here I was standing in my own blood. My husband with an encouraging calmness urged me to continue with bathing so we could hurry to the hospital.
We got to the hospital in good time, but by then the sanitary towel  I had on was completely soaked. When the contractions started coming there was some blood with each one.  I kept thanking God for my redemption from the curse counting on Him to make everything all right.
By evening, I put to bed, a third boy with a beautiful first cry, I remember saying out loud “ok God, you overruled and I am ok with it and very grateful to you.” I was expecting a girl, had bought all pink: dresses, baby suits, bibs and all. I laughed out loud as I imagined God was looking at me and maybe thinking “I have another plan, a better plan.”  Joy took over me even though I was near exhaustion from the hard work.
Anyway, soon after I had been cleaned up and moved into the ward, some of our brethren from Church came to welcome the baby. While they were there, real bleeding began and I was lying in 
blood, I refused to move, I just lay there praying for everyone to leave so I could notify my husband. My prayer was answered and immediately my husband got the nurses and I was wheeled back into the delivery room.

While I was being taken into the room, I felt a cloud come over me and everything around seemed very far away. I managed to mutter “I have the life of Christ in me” over and over again. The hospital directress was around and kept praying for me, she saw I was losing life, she persisted in prayer while she manually tried not to let me sleep off, this she did with many painful slaps while the doctor diligently searched for the source of the blood.

It was the painful needle pinch of the doctor’s sewing that brought me round; there was a tear far in side, around my pelvic area which caused the bleeding.
It was a very scary incident, one I would never want to experience ever again. But Josiah has been a blessing, bringing me flowers and always reminding me that he loves me. And I am so grateful for him.
I know most of you mothers may have had some near death experiences as well while giving birth.  Childbirth is a miracle that even mothers do not fully comprehend.With just one look and hold of the baby, the discomforts and rigours become very vague.
Motherhood is a blessing; being channels of God to bring forth his kind is an amazing experience. No matter the motherhood challenges you may be facing, remember that you are a blessed channel for the reproduction of God’s creation. The God who made you a mother has already equipped you from the beginning, just rest in him, stay at His feet for guidance and direction and he will make it happen.

I  am proud to be a mother and humbled to be used by God to bring forth the future generation.

Go to God for wisdom and apply it, your motherhood experience will be joyfully memorable and rewarding.

Happy Mother’s day!!!

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan

Ugochi Oritsejolomisan is a mentor, encourager and influencer. She writes to inspire you to live a full life. Ugochi lives in Canada with her husband Benson and their children; Joshua, Joseph and Josiah.

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