6 Tips On How To Stop Fornication

6 Tips On How To Stop Fornication

FornicationThe most visited page on this blog is currently that which I wrote on 6 Ways You Can Avoid Fornication. I have not ceased receiving mails from people (Christians and non-Christians) from around the world who are struggling to stop fornicating. So I thought I should share some tips on how one who is already in it can break free from fornication. Some of these tips might echo what I have already shared in the mentioned article.

You Must Realize That You Are Not Helpless
Do not buy the lies of the enemy; he often tells you there is really nothing you can do about it.  He tells you nobody can live without sex, everyone who says they do are lying… He is the liar, the father of all lies!
For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication: 1 Thessalonians 4:3

If God commands it, then He has given you the ability, the power to obey. We can do all things through Christ- Philippians 4: 13
He has promised to help those that trust in Him, those that follow Him… Isaiah 41:10

So now you have to make up your mind that you CAN stop fornication, you must make up your mind that you are not helpless, you must give no room for the thoughts and words the enemy is selling to you. When your mind is made up, you invite and attract God’s help.

1. Stay Away From Your Partner(s)
There is power in proximity; you have to distance yourself from the person(s) you have been fornicating with. I know for some people, it might be any opposite sex… but mostly, the people you have been fornicating with are stronger temptations for you.
I know most times you have to face and conquer your mountains, I believe you need to develop enough spiritual muscles and strength to face and conquer. Besides when it comes to sexual sins, I do not recommend that you go to or invite the mountain… You have to brace up and tell whomever that you no longer want to see them again; you no longer want to continue in sin.

2. Fight The Spirit Of Fornication
You must realize that the enemy is waging war against you with this sin as with any other. His chief mission is to steal, kill and destroy you- John 10:10a
He steals you by keeping you in sin, if you do not stay in sin, satan cannot have his way with you and he wants so much to have his way with you. You see, he sees you as a card against God and if you keep up with sin, you become a trophy for him. I pray not in Jesus name, amen!
Now, you must fight against fornication by renewing your mind with God’s word. Search out scriptures that concerns fornication and any sin, place them all over your house, or however you want to constantly keep them before you, meditate on them (the word of God has cleansing power) to clean your mind of those thoughts. Whenever lust comes to your mind, do not entertain them; shift your thoughts to God’s word.
Spend time in prayer, in study of the word, in Church gatherings that will strengthen your faith. Speak His word over your spirit, soul and body; take it like medicine- that is what it is. Proverbs 4:20-22 THE WORD OF GOD HAS DELIEVERING POWER
Spend time in God’s presence where you receive grace and strength to conquer your flesh.

3. Change Your Choices
You cannot change your life without altering your choices. Those places you go to, those people you spend time with, those movies you watch, those books or magazines you read that sensitize you to fornication, they all need to change into healthy places, people and things.
Surround your self with people and things that encourage you to sanctification.

4. Be Accountable To People
I recommend strongly that you find people (of the same sex) to stay accountable to. People who will pray with and for you, share with you, check on you, be there for you and follow up on you.
Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established. Proverbs 15:22

5. Run, Run, Run
Just in case you somehow get to get face to face with the temptation to fornicate, I have one word for you- RUN!!!  Flee fornication. 1 Corinthians 6:18
Joseph ran as fast as his legs could carry him, though he suffered for a while, but God honoured him immensely.

6. Finally, a young man mailed me to say that his girlfriend threatened to leave him because he wanted to stop. Most ladies too are afraid that their boyfriends will not marry them if they do not yield to their sexual requests.
My answer– they are not good enough for you! Anyone who wants you to displease God and please him/her does not have any good in mind for you.

Many others and I overcame fornication, you can too!

Do you have your story on how you overcame?
Are you fighting fornication?
Do you find these tips helpful?
Do you know someone who this might help?

Leave your thoughts in the comment box please, also email and share to your friends in social media, might save some!

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  1. i am a Christian and i have been in a relationship for 4years i tried stopping fornication but it didn’t work so i dont know how to proceed knowing that stopping the fornication maybe stopping the relationship. we are both students

  2. Omg…..thank you so much for your encouraging message. I am still struggling with fornication and I am believing God for deliverance cos I really want to live for God and not in sin anymore.

  3. I’m happy to see this site, it really change me from my perspective about fornication. I tank you for your counselling.

    1. Praise God Bro!

  4. Thanks ma for these steps, I believe they will richly help me. I’m an Evangelist but yet I have never resisted fornication especially with unbelievers. They are the ones who even tell me to stop because they know I’m a child of God & I have been stagnant in my spirit man because of this attitute pls I need more of your good counselling

    1. God’s grace is available bro. You can email me if you need further counselling.
      God bless!

    2. thanks I’m greatful

  5. I overcame…flee fornication I ran from him and I know that it was God that is keeping me because the sex was good… But I can’t serve two masters…I choose GOD

    1. Praise God! He will honour your choice of Him above sin, He will bless you with his very best man for you on the earth.

  6. Thanks for your word
    Tips on how to overfornication
    Well me ive an adict yet iam aborn again
    Iseek your prayers i overcome it
    God bless u all

    1. In Jesus name, as you submit to God and His word, you overcome every sin!

  7. I am fighting masturbation and pornography. I am very weak when a beautiful lady want to fornicate with me; most times I make the move first against my will. I feel guilty and always beg God’s forgiveness after fornicating, masturbating or watching porn. Continuously asking God’s forgiveness over and over again for the same sin is beginning to feel like I take Him for granted. I want a way out! I wish the holy Spirit can arrest me and assist me kill these evil passions I feel and commit to. I want to serve God faithfully. These sins gives me bad dreams at night and my conscience fights me everyday. Pls pray seriously for me – Anonymous (UK)

    1. I will keep you in my prayers, but you must be diligent with these tips mentioned here. You will over come!

  8. This issue is a constant struggle for me. I do well for months and then in one instant I fall apart.
    I Thank you for your advice. I am a Saved Child of God. He has blessed me constantly all throughout my life. I continue in my sin knowing that its wrong to fulfill my own pleasures. I know I need to change and not give in but I also know I need to have faith in the matter. Distancing myself and constant meditation of the scriptures and prayer with My Lord will help. Pray for me. I will appreciate that.

    1. If you give it all over to God and stick with the 6 tips, victory will not elude you!
      I will keep you in my prayers!

  9. I find this interesting, being that I have straight guidelines on how to stay on track.. Thank you ma

    1. Praise God! I am grateful you find it so. Have a blessed day bro!

      1. Thanks again ma

        1. Praise God bro!

  10. Thank You very Much,
    I have the call of God on me, but because of lack of proper counseling I got myself into a relationship, hoping it will please God, but have realized that I may not marry her and i am not even ready now to marry, I want to quit and concentrate on my Ministry because it is interrupting my ministry and i know God is not happy about it and if not by the blood of Jesus by now, I think God had even rejected me.
    My problem is that we have messed up before, we are in the same neighborhood, the same church, in order to avoid conflict, hatred and bitterness how do I quit cos I know Jesus is not happy at all, and I want to serve with all my heart, all my soul, so how do I cut her from me?

    1. First, you have to make up your mind to please God and trust Him for grace to deal with the consequences your situation might present.
      Secondly, if you know you may not marry her, you have to tell her. Leading her on is deceptive and more destructive than letting her go now…
      Your Church I am sure would feel better when you say what you want now than marry and dump her later.
      God help you do the right thing my brother!

  11. thank you ma, really helpful, I will keep them in mind and share..

    1. Bless God! I am always grateful to know that something I share here helps… Thanks for coming by and for sharing too.
      Have a super blessed day!

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