What About Me?

Today's WordWhy should I place others before me? Why should I make me suffer that way?
Have you ever wondered why God’s commands are most times the opposite of what we would rather do? Well, I have, and several times too. But we will talk about that some other time.
Love is selfless, a love child of God will naturally think of others first. No matter how stupid it seems or how much you have been taken for granted go on and do it, it is guaranteed that love never fails; in the long run you will be glad you did.

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;  Romans 12:10

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Ugochi Jolomi is a Christ-follower, wife to Benson Jolomi and mother to three awesome boys. She is one of God's agent and speaker who loves to read, write and travel. She also loves music, cooking, and helping. Here at Teshuva is where she shares on a variety of practical subjects from everyday life encouraging her readers to live life in the joy and truth that come from knowing God. You can also find her on: Twitter, Facebook, google,


  1. Love never fails,love never fails…this will guide me.thanks ma

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