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Please Pardon Me.

Pardon my Silence My dear readers,
Please I beg your pardon. I should have written to you way before now but procrastination has been the enemy.
I have been working on so many things and adding blogging to it has been quite a task. I am getting ready for a come back soon though, after I give Teshuva a bit of a face lift.
I also have a list of interesting announcements to make…
Please be patient and expectant too.
I pray God’s grace, mercy and favour surround you till I come back to you.
Love you loads!

The Power Of God’s Fire In Your Marriage.

The Power Of God's Fire In Your Marriage.

Fire has so many functions while causing terrible damages too. Fire has its pros and cons depending on which way it appears or functions. The fire of God is very beneficial to the christian man and woman, especially those who seek Him earnestly. … [Continue reading]

Righteousness Delivers. (VLOG)

Righteousness delivers

When you stay by the ocean of healthy waters, dryness does not affect you. The world is in recession according to experts, but The One who created the experts, The Expert of all experts says we can live in abundance even in these times. [Tweet … [Continue reading]

How I Almost Aborted My Baby.

How I Almost Aborted My Baby

About a couple of weeks ago, I was in a discussion with some women and we talked about women, marriage and various marital issues. It was then one of the women in our midst shared her story. And I took her permission to share it here on Teshuva, … [Continue reading]

My Bad Example To My Son.

My bad example to my son.

Something really funny happened some days ago, and it reminded me of how everything we do affects and shapes our children. We had finished evening service and as I was meeting and greeting some brethren, a sister said she needed to see me. I wrapped … [Continue reading]