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First Impressions.

first impressionsImagine you walk into an office, and the following conversation takes place:

You: Hello, good afternoon.

Him/her: (Silence) Just looks up from desk

You: Please I’d like to see Mr Abel.

Him/her: He is not on seat. (Not looking up)

You: Any idea where he went, do you think he’ll be long,?

Him/her: (Raised an angry voice) I don’t know! Am I supposed to tell everyone who walks in here where the boss went and when he is coming in? If you do not know how to contact him, I cannot help you. If you cannot leave a message then go and come back, as you can see, I am busy!

Have you ever had an encounter like this? You meet someone for the first time ever and they just put you off. You know, those people who don’t seem to realize that first impressions matter? They just behave any how they like to everybody they meet. I agree to the fact that first impressions matter…a lot. But there is another side to this I would want to talk about here.

Another Perspective.
Have you ever wondered why some people get upset about everything almost every time? Have you ever wondered why some people cannot even accept it when you try to show them some love? Have you ever found it difficult to understand why you ask a simple question and he/ she just flies off the handle?

I have wondered, until I gave someone I met a closer look and a second chance.  In order to maybe get a second impression of her before drawing any negative conclusion.  She was going through a season in her life that put her under a lot of pressures; unfortunately she didn’t know the right way to deal with it.

First Impressions Cannot Be Relied On.
I discovered that most times people like these are going through things too hard for them to bear at that time.  It could be a loss, financial hardship, relationship issues or something many other issues. People are going through so much, so many are in pain and are hurting terribly. Many are without a clue as to how to deal with and overcome their issues.

I agree that first impressions matter, and that one might not get a chance to make a second impression. But we must learn never to judge anyone, and always give people the benefit of a doubt, get to know them, try to see if we can help them and don’t make up our minds about them?

So why should I write people off on first impressions, without even knowing them for who they really are? I also know that what is on the inside is what a person displays outside but when under pressure sometimes people misbehave, maybe they are still growing,  maybe they just slipped, or maybe, just maybe they need someone to love them out of the misery they are in at that moment.

Is it possible for us to give people several chances as we try to know them better? Is it possible for us not to judge people on the first impression they create before us?

If you think back you may remember that you have once or twice been mean to someone, not because you are a mean person but because you were facing some difficult times, you may remember a time that you didn’t have it all together. If that is so, then please don’t always judge people on first impressions, give them opportunities to give you impressions of who they really are or who they could be.

Remember that Jesus loves you even when you misbehave, He gives you chances upon chance… He expects you to do same.

For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you. John 13:15 (ESV)

… He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. John-8:7

Hatred stirs up trouble; love overlooks the wrongs that others do. Proverbs 10:12 (CEV)

Have you ever been judged on first impressions?

Have you ever judged someone based on your first encounter with them?

Please share your own encounters and experience with us.

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